Twitter for business: the tricks of the trade

Have you already prepared your Twitter account for your company by following the advice in our guide?

At this point we need to maximize actions to optimize Twitter and collect measurable business results.

Many of the perplexities related to the use of Twitter for business derive from the lack of experience of companies in the field of Tweets. Twitter is not Facebook and it is not Linkedin. Twitter is the social of conversations, like a forerunner whatsapp with the plus of managing public conversations.

Because conversation is the keyword on Twitter.

Twitter is a huge cauldron of conversations on the hottest topics of the moment, on the brands and on the topics that are most important to us. This is a huge opportunity for any company that wants to know its market even better and directly and then produce interesting, engaging and useful content.

You really don’t want to know what your customers think of you, of the services you offer, of your product sector? I do not believe. So let’s get started right away!

In this article, we will also explain how to use new Twitter features that will help you get more results.

Peek at your competition’s audience

Would you like to know your competitor’s audience? Well the web offers you great tools to be able to take a peek at the profile of your competitors’ followers. One of all twittonomy allows you to have really detailed information on who follows your competitors.

Use Twitter Ads with your email lists

You can always use the specific function of Twitter ads which allows you to show your ads to people who have already shown interest in your company and who have consequently left you their email address.

If you use this function, just upload your mailing list to twitter. Twitter will benchmark your list with its registered users to create a specific audience for your online campaigns.

Use the pinned tweet function

Don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your most important tweets. If a user lands on your profile, rather than showing him the latest update that may not have value for him, with the pin function you can pin the tweet that you think is most relevant to your audience and to which you want to give full visibility to the top of your profile..

This could be related to a promotion that also has a precise timeframe.

Take advantage of twitter analytics

The metrics on every single tweet are available for all Twitter accounts such as: reach, click and engagement. These allow you to:

  • Monitor the real-time performance of your tweets
  • Compare impressions ( tweets seen by iOS and Android apps or web, users not logged in) total engagement and retweets month by month
  • See in detail how many retweets, replies, favorites, follows, clicks on links, and clicks on media content each tweet receives
  • Export your data in a CSV file, including those of organic and sponsored tweets

Activate and use Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards allow you to embed rich multimedia content in Tweets in relation to the content on your website. The related statistics give you detailed information on how your content is shared on Twitter. You can find out how to improve key metrics like URL clicks, app installation attempts, and Retweets.

Using twitter cards, tweets look better. Secondly, we can add information to the 140-character message and since the major newspapers use twitter cards, the tweet will give a more professional impression.

In addition, the tweet is verified (there is an approval process by twitter), the link is perceived as secure and it is more likely that someone will be tempted to click it. Last thing (the most important): if someone tweets your article without mentioning you, your username still appears, which otherwise would remain unknown. Here is an example of a twitter card from the Huffington Post.

And now all that remains is to pick up your Twitter account and start getting concrete results for the business. If you want to tell us your success story with Twitter, feel free to write it below!

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