321537-facebook-thumbs-down-dislikeI hear many fan page owners saying the following statement:

  • “I just want to buy some Facebook fans for social proof!”
  • “I just want to get some numbers on my fan page and then I’ll invite all my contacts, customers and my mailing list etc. I don’t want them to see my page with 14 fans on it!”


Don’t do it! Seriously, do not do that!

I once thought like you too so I totally understand this way of thinking because I have been there and done that!  In fact, I was a big supporter of buying fans for social proof!

“Social proof” in layman’s terms, means to make your fan page / Twitter account / YouTube Channel etc. look bigger, more established and more reputable and to make it look like they are really happening and rocking along!

Let’s face it; people put stock in how many fans you have! Even though they shouldn’t!

People cannot help but consciously or subconsciously look at a business’s Facebook fan page in a different manner based on the number of fans they have! Heck I have done it even after knowing they could have bought their fans. It’s totally natural to think that way!

It’s the Facebook Marketing equivalent of having your companies name on top of the building, or having a restaurant full of customers. It’s impressive! It’s contagious and it makes sense!


So what’s the issue then?

Simply put, buying fans destroys your Facebook Edgerank Score (explanation further down) and totally ruins your Facebook fan page. It means when you do get legitimate fans to your page that are actually interested in what your page is about, they will be drowned out by all the fake Facebook fans, automatic bots or uninterested fans that you have bought.

You see not all your fans see every post you make. On average only 12-16% of your Facebook Fans will see a post or status update your page sends out. There are a number of reasons for this including the major factor that only 50% of fans on any given day log into Facebook.

Then even if they are online that day, they may not be on at the time you post and by the time they do log on to Facebook other content may have pushed your post down the newsfeed a considerable way.

Not everyone scrolls down forever! So if other content pushes your post down the page to a level that your fan doesn’t scroll too…..it’s as if you never posted at all!

What is Edgerank?

Edgerank is the term given to an algorithm developed by Facebook that determines what content is shown in the newsfeed of every Facebook user and how high it is displayed, for how long and how often. Note “Edgerank” isn’t a tern Facebook recognises, it is just a name or term that’s been given to the secret Facebook Algorithm that determines what you see in your newsfeed.

There are only 3 people on the planet that know all the factors that make up the algorithm and there are over 100 factors that go into it.

Edgerank determines what posts you see from your friends as well as from fan pages you have “Liked”.

Why not just show me everything my friends and pages I’m a fan of post?

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The reason Facebook don’t do this is because an unfiltered newsfeed moves way way too fast!

With the average Facebook user having a 130 friends and a bunch of pages they have “Liked”, if Facebook were to show you everything they posted, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pace as new content entered the newsfeed constantly. This would lead to a poor user experience and people would abandon the social network in droves!

“But we sell real fans who will be interested in what your page is about?”

This old chestnut! 🙂 Okay I want to address this is as clearly as I can because you will hear this one a lot and there will be very strong and convincing arguments that there fans are real and not fake like the other providers.

I have used well over 30 of the leading Facebook fan providers from all over the world and NOT ONE SINGLE FAN PROVIDER HAS EVER LIVED UP TO THIS STATEMENT AT ALL!

They lie, cheat and steal your money! Occasionally they don’t even know they are fake themselves as is the case if they are a reseller of a fan providers service.

Every fan provider says the same thing but none of them ever provide fans that are legit and/or have any interest in what the page is about. Sure occasionally they are “real” people in that the account has a real person behind it. But they only “like” your page because they are paid to do so or they are being incentivised in some manner.

 So how do I get started and build my social proof & fan numbers fast?

If you really want to build social proof and get your page off to a fast start before you introduce your best contacts, run ads on Facebook and get likes.

If you don’t know how to do that without spending a lot of money, learn how to do it or hire someone like me who does!

I’ve built multiple fan pages from zero to 10,000 fans in 2-3 weeks using Facebook ads, third party apps, solid Facebook marketing techniques and some neat tricks! (totally white hat always) Now whilst those results are not typical or the norm, anyone can get their Facebook fan page rocking with just a few dollars, some knowledge or someone with it, and Facebook ads!

There are plenty of people out there who can help you achieve these goals in a legitimate way that will produce results for the long term.

Don’t ruin your page before it has even got going by buying fans! Take the lessons of others like me and avoid the pitfalls that come with buying Facebook Fans.

Your page might not have as many “fans” by the numbers but I assure you it will dramatically outperform a page with bought fans in every other aspect. Especially the important factors, the ones that really count; R.O.I. fans converted to real clients, engagement on the page, brand recognition and advocacy! And more…….

So forget the dodgy fan providers, do it right the first time and let Facebook Marketing help build your business to wherever it is you want to go!

Good Luck and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or leave a comment below.