BMW CONTEST MEMEOften we see examples in the media of companies and brands doing social media badly.

Social Media FAIL as it is known when they screw up, Social Media Meltdown when they screw up badly and then try and fight their way out of a bad situation only to make things far far worse!

Every now and then though, a big brand gets it really right! Oreo’s Superbowl “Dunk in the dark” tweet was one awesome example of a brand “Winning” big time in real time!

With a social media command center or “war room” set up for the event you’d hope a brand would come up with something when it was go time though! Nevertheless, it was an impressive performance by the team at 360i and they deserved the praise that came their way.

Social media is 24/7 365 though and what’s equally impressive is when a brand can get it right at any time, day or night! Or lunch time on a Monday in early March!

Earlier today I noticed a post being shared by a number of my friends on Facebook so I clicked to check out what looked to be a sweet newsfeed contest to win a BMW sports car! Or two!

Well it only took me about 20 seconds to realise this was a scam and there would be no BMW’s being given away. Someone created a page to look like they were BMW’s sports performance division and they were promoting a contest to give away 2 new BMW’s!

BMW Fake Facebook Contest Post
As you can see, it’s fooled a few people with 326,000 comments, half a million shares and over 300,000 likes!

The page owners would use the limited data they gain from this to promote other products and offers to the Facebook users who have liked, commented and shared on this post by using custom audiences in Facebook Ads. There are other things they could do to that make up the motivation for people to do this.

So knowing that a whole bunch of people were being scammed and a major brand was having their name used in a pretty nasty and scummy spammy way, I decided to contact BMW to let them know, just in case they weren’t aware of this particular one.

What followed was a fantastic example of exactly how you do social media right and how very simple things like replying in a punctuational manner, dealing with an error made that could be an issue for some people and using humour to deal with a question when it is very much a case of

This image was found at create real fans and advocates for your brand! Occasionally some nice free publicity too!

So here is the exchange between myself and the BMW Facebook Team!

BMW Facebook Team WinBMW Facebook Team Message ReplySo it only took them 33 minutes to reply to my message. This on a page with over 15 million fans! That alone is impressive!

They made a mistake with my name. That can happen, especially when (as it turns out) your page is running hot and being hit with a lot of questions about this contest….and has 15 million fans!

But they handled it perfectly and apologised. Then they dealt with my rather bold request brilliantly! They used humour (and a bribe of a cool virtual BMW) to deal with a question that could have meant anything at all and one they’d be hard press to read!

I know these are very simple basic things but the truth is, very few companies and brands are doing social media anywhere near this well!

So when I see it, I think it’s worth highlighting to other businesses looking to make an impact in social media and Facebook Marketing as they can learn or be reminded of what is required to stand out from the crowd these days in a movement that is extremely noisy!

I think it’s also good to recognise the people behind these types of interactions when they do a great job as they have to deal with this stuff on a constant basis. It’s so easy to get wrong and very difficult to get right!

Everyone is also very quick to nail any brand that makes a “social faux pas.” So I think we should be as quick or even quicker to point out their efforts when they hit it out of the park!

Well played BMW, Well played!

Facebook; they ignore big brands too!

Just before I wrap this up I found it interesting to see that even a massive global brand like BMW doesn’t have the clout to just “ring up Facebook” and get their problem taken care of!

Facebook hate us all equally

Well this was posted on March 1st and was still active on the 4th so don’t feel like Facebook are conspiring to ensure your lack of success, it’s abundantly clear that when it comes to things like this, Facebook doesn’t give a s**t……….equally! 😉
[Don’t nuke my account Zuck! My tongue was firmly in your… cheek]

Nice one BMW!

So there you have it! A funny light hearted example of how BMW did it right on the net just like they have on the road for decades!

And I’ll bet my (virtual) new BMW that if this gets shared around somewhat, someone, somewhere, will consciously or subconsciously buy a BMW based at least partly on the things they have read here!

That’s what makes social media management so very important! It’s why you have to be consistent. It’s why you have to be on the ball. It’s why you have to reply to everyone.

Regardless of if you are a small business, a non for profit or a global brand! You just never know when something so small could lead to something so awesome!