Building your presence for your online business around a popular social networking site such as Facebook is one of the most critical decisions that you can make, especially in the world of internet marketing.Keep in mind, Facebook has an excess of 750 million active users that exchange billions of objects: web links, stories, blog posts, photographs and videos every month. The amount of traffic that you can give to your business will be the difference between your failure and your success. Therefore, building a strong web presence in Facebook through Facebook Fan Pages is extremely vital.

To create a Facebook Fan Page, simply log into your Facebook account and then you will be free to create a personal or a business Fan Page…granted you agree with Facebook’s Terms of Use. The difficult thing is how to get people to like your Fan Page after you create it. A Facebook Page is completely ineffective if fans are absent. The core purpose of a Facebook Page is to reach out to the Facebook users – making it very important to build a strong following of Facebook Fans. Fans equal success.

Exactly how do you get a lot of Facebook Fans after your first business Fan Page is complete? That depends on what you are ready and willing to do to achieve your success. If you are ready to invest some of your finances towards advertising, the most efficient way to attain a lot of Facebook Fans rapidly is through the use of Facebook Ads. Do you notice that every time you visit a Facebook page there are small ads to the right side of your screen? These ads contain information about sponsored stories, businesses and personalities and they are administered by Facebook. As a result, you too can use these ads as a platform for getting lots of “likes” from random Facebook users.

It is simple to create an ad in Facebook. Just log in to your Facebook Page and click the “Create an ad” link on the right side of the page. Be certain that you follow this VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook Fan Page account versus your personal Facebook account. You will then be asked to set the variables that will determine if your ad(s) will be displayed on a Facebook user’s page or not. Variables are things such as: the target location, target age group, target interests, etc…

For instance, if you were to set the “age” variable to above 18, Facebook users under 18 years old will be unable to see your ads. Setting up your ad variables is extremely important in targeting consumers that are most likely to buy. Additionally, you can be sure you are making the most out of your paid advertisement. Another instance is if you were selling pet supplies and you are based in the United States – it would be an excellent idea to set the ‘geographical location’ to the U.S. and the ‘interests’ to pet supplies. That way, your ads will show up in the pages of people who reside in the U.S and are also interested in pet supplies.

Whenever users see your ad on their pages and decide to click on it, they will automatically be directed to your Fan Page. As a result, you can get an abundance of Facebook likes in a small amount of time by means of the Facebook ads technique.

There is a choice to pay per click or pay per impression where you can limit your daily funds to as low as $1 a day. Creating a Facebook ad and using it sensibly will not only deliver Facebook fans to you but also targeted traffic from users that can develop into paying customers in the future.

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