These new badges look pretty cool indeed. Still, there is a long way to go for G+ though! They need to get serious and open up their API and then we will see some real movement but after two years, you have to wonder what they are doing?

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New Google badges are now available.  Google has added new profile, page and community badges (examples provided by Google pictured above) that allow you to promote your Google Plus page on your business homepage or your personal blog.

Google designer Chris Messina announced the launch of the improved Google badges feature on his own Google Plus page late last week. (At the same time, the fledgling social network celebrated its second birthday.) The badges should grab some attention on your business website and, in turn, build connections on Google Plus.

Messina writes:

They come in several different form factors and two themes (dark and light) and better yet — are Retina-ready by cleverly relying on SVG for the G+ logo.

Selections include:

  • Profile badges let people find you easily on Google Plus and add you to their circles.
  • Communities badges allow visitors to find your community and preview it before joining.
  • Page badges allow visitors to engage your brand directly by connecting directly to one of the new Google pages.

The new Google badges will allow businesses to direct visitors to their Google Plus page from a blog or other website. Badges feature a snippet of the profile photo, the thumbnail icon you use to represent your Google Plus page, a page name, a tagline, a Google Plus follow button and a +1 button.

A new stand-alone follow button has also been added.

Creating a new Google Plus badge is simple. The steps are similar to adding any other widget to your site. Select the Google badge you wish to create. Customize the badge by adjusting width, color, layout and choosing whether you wish to include cover photo and tag line.

When finished, copy and paste the embed code into your business website or blog.

Image: Google

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ᔥGoogle Plus Rolls Out New Badges, Embeddable On Your Website