How to be More Productive in Business – Use Pinterest

To boost company profits, do something pinteresting (sic) for a change. The new social media site, Pinterest, first began in 2010 and is giving other sites huge competition with its exclusive format. In late 2011, the interest in Pinterest really accelerated and companies on the ground floor have seen amazing returns that eclipse the response they get from other websites. The basic idea of the site is that members create virtual bulletin boards, which they can organize in any style they choose. These pins could be recipes, garden tips, remodeling advice or extraordinary images people have found on the web and wish to share.

How Does Pinterest Work for Business?

You Can Promote Yourself & Your Site Using Pinterest

Lazy marketers will no doubt now be thinking ‘OK, now I can blast all of my images across the site!’ However, that is a big no-no! Spamming your boards with hundreds of your own images will definitely backfire. As an alternative, continue to share other users’ content regularly while, once in a while, pinning one or two of your own images. That way you’ll get plenty of visitors coming through to your site because you’ve built a certain degree of trust with them. On Pinterest, trust is worth its weight in gold!

Any Business Can Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic – Part 1

Pinterest has been receiving a lot of attention from individuals and companies alike. SEO gurus are calling it the new game changer and some businesses are calling it their new marketing goldmine.

However, individuals are just calling it fun! With so many ways to use this new social media tool, how can companies jump in to connect with their current visitors and try to bring new ones in?

Learn All About Pinterest

Pinterest – it’s an online community bulletin board where you can pin what you are interested in. If you have not been invited to this site yet, take a look; you will probably end up requesting an invitation when you see what has to offer. Once you join the Pinterest community, you will be able to start your own boards, pin photographs to a board and enjoy the use of a like button. You can also build your own exclusive profile to enlighten people a little about yourself.