Well Played BMW Well Played (& It’s not just you, Facebook ignores big brands too)

BMW CONTEST MEMEOften we see examples in the media of companies and brands doing social media badly.

Social Media FAIL as it is known when they screw up, Social Media Meltdown when they screw up badly and then try and fight their way out of a bad situation only to make things far far worse!

Every now and then though, a big brand gets it really right! Oreo’s Superbowl “Dunk in the dark” tweet was one awesome example of a brand “Winning” big time in real time!

Three Easy Ways Google Maps and Google Places Will Bring Customers to Your Door

There is no doubt that you’ve heard of two powerful offerings from the Internet powerhouse if you know about business web marketing, Google Maps and Google Places. Google Maps is an interactive map application that encompasses features like driving directions, zoom in/out, numerous map views, business location, contact information and more. Google Places is an addition of Google Maps, bringing points of interest from Google Maps to life with individualized Places pages. If your business is not using both Google Maps and Google Places to attract new customers, then you should work on setting up your Google presence without delay. Would you like to know more? Here are three easy ways Google Maps and Google Places will deliver customers to your door.