Well Played BMW Well Played (& It’s not just you, Facebook ignores big brands too)

BMW CONTEST MEMEOften we see examples in the media of companies and brands doing social media badly.

Social Media FAIL as it is known when they screw up, Social Media Meltdown when they screw up badly and then try and fight their way out of a bad situation only to make things far far worse!

Every now and then though, a big brand gets it really right! Oreo’s Superbowl “Dunk in the dark” tweet was one awesome example of a brand “Winning” big time in real time!

Integrating Facebook with Other Marketing Avenues

If you read their Best Practice Guide for Business, here is what Facebook has to say:

“Facebook allows marketers to stay connected with people throughout the day whether they are on their computers or mobile devices, at home or at work. This allows businesses to create rich social experiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the most powerful type of marketing – word of mouth.”

Marketing with Text Messaging

Your mobile device can be used to promote your business or market your products through mobile marketing by way of text messaging. Text messaging has become extremely popular nowadays and an excess of 300 million Americans carry mobile devices in their hands. Advertising via mobile phones is very effective since nearly every one of your messages gets delivered into the hands of a targeted audience.

Here are a few tidbits to fill you in and get you familiar with the language of text messaging:

Using Facebook Ads = Floods of Fans

Building your presence for your online business around a popular social networking site such as Facebook is one of the most critical decisions that you can make, especially in the world of internet marketing.Keep in mind, Facebook has an excess of 750 million active users that exchange billions of objects: web links, stories, blog posts, photographs and videos every month. The amount of traffic that you can give to your business will be the difference between your failure and your success. Therefore, building a strong web presence in Facebook through Facebook Fan Pages is extremely vital.